Monday, August 16, 2010

Tile Reglazing

Tile Reglazing? You can reglaze Tile? This is a question that I get all the time, usually in somewhat of a state of disbelief.

Most people out there do not realize that bathtubs are not the only surface that can be Reglazed. As most customers browse through our website they come across our Tile Reglazing" page. This page allows our customers to see the options they have when it comes to tile reglazing in their bathrooms.

Tile Reglazing Options:

What Tile Surfaces can be Reglazed: Kitchen and Bath Tile Countertops, Tile Enclosures around bathtubs, Tile Showers, and Tile Bathroom Floors.

Change the color: Any solid Color can be chosen to bring life back to your tile as well as update the look. Many bathrooms back in the 70's have the pink, green, gray, and yellow tiles that really limit the color scheme of the bathroom. Reglazing your tile will allow you to neutralize the color of the tile and use the painted walls as the accent color. This really helps with giving you control back with the colors of your bathroom. PKB Reglazing has over 100 solid colors that you can choose from. We also offer over 75 different Speckled Finishes that can be sprayed on Tile Enclosures around bathtubs, Tile Countertops, Tile Showers to give your tile more of a stone or granite look.

Tile Trimming: As seen on our website page you can always add a detail trim color that will give a great color accent to your tile surface without being too overwhelming. You can trim out tile showers, or tile countertops. We have some great sample pictures on our website of some countertops and showers that have been trimmed out with great accent colors. Customize your bathroom or kitchen with PKB Reglazing tile accent trims.

The process is very straightforward. We first clean and rinse the tile surface to remove any contaminants, soap scum, dirt, caulking and silicone residue. Once we do a deep cleaning with our industrial cleaners, we will then proceed to do an acid wash on the surface. After the acid wash, we will repair any cracks or chips on the tile to ensure that the final product will look as close to new as possible. After filling in any cracks or chips we will sand the surface down to remove and patch or filler residue. The surface is then rinsed clean and ready for the bonding agen to be applied. We use a two part bonding agent, durobond, that is applied to the entire surface. The bonding agent is like a "super glue" that allows for proper adhesion between the final top coat and the tile surface. Without the bonding agent, peeling is almost definitely going to occur. Once the bonding agent dries, we apply 3-5 coats of the finish material, acrylic aliphatic poly-glass urethane. The final coat covers the tile and grout entirely. The finish goes with the contour of the tile still giving it the look of tile but in a uniform color with the grout. If your tile is beige, then your grout is beige. If your tile is black, then your grout is black.

Don't let your outdated and worn tile set the tone of your bathroom. Take control and Reglaze the Tile at a fraction of the cost of Replacing.
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  1. Well, it looks like I am one of those many people that had no idea that tile could be reglazed! I have been noticing that the tile in my bathroom doesn't look nearly as nice as it used to, and I would really like to get this fixed. It would be great to get it finished better so that my bathroom looked newer. If I got this tile reglazed, I am sure that overall it would be really great, since I haven't been able to clean in between the tiles very well!

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